Persuasive Essay On Unemployed While Pregnant

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Unemployed while Pregnant
Unemployment insurance is a program provided by the federal government. It was created to help people who are without a job due to something that is out of their control.
If you are approved for this benefit, then you will get part of what your wage was while you were working. There are a numerous things that can disqualify you from collecting unemployment. Nevertheless, pregnancy is not one of those.
You don’t have to lose your unemployment insurance because you are pregnant. The US government has designed several laws within the past 50 years in order to provide protection to working women who are pregnant. For example, the Family Medical Leave Act allows for women to be able to take time off from work after they give birth without punishment and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act makes it
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As long as you are still ready for work, you can collect benefits. Nevertheless, if you file during the week that you give birth, then you should select that you are not ready to work.
You will not collect any benefits until you are ready to work again. Nonetheless, you will remain in the system. When you receive the okay from your doctor, you should file for unemployment again.
How to get an Unemployment Appeal
If you have been denied unemployment, you have the right to appeal.
Maternity Leave
You cannot receive unemployment benefits while you are on maternity leave. Nonetheless, you can get paid leave from your employer.
Disqualifications for Unemployment
• Being a self-employed or independent contract worker
• Being fired for a good reason
• Resigning your job without having a good reason
• Putting false information on your application
• Not making enough money
• Not working long enough
It is also vital to point out that you can lose your unemployment insurance even if you have already been approved. For example, if you do not actively look for work, then you can be denied

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