Persuasive Essay On Universal Education

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“I don’t want to go to school!” I exclaimed as my mother tried taking me out to the car where I would be taken to public school for the first time. She had to pry me away from the house. Now I stand as a Junior looking back, thankful for the opportunities offered to me, and the mandatory schooling of all children K-12 in this country. Education is not something that will be easily perfected, or in fact ever perfected. Universal education is the building blocks of society, without it there would be a greater difference in social classes, and ever increasing unrest in lower-income families.Yet education in the United States has come to a point that those looking to make a major impact for the betterment of society can turn their gaze elsewhere.…show more content…
According to Antonio Alvarez in “Out of My Hands” he was able to complete schooling even while being an undocumented immigrant (167). This was due to the fact that his schooling was protected as a right to him through the government. Even those who are here “illegally” are able, through hard work and determination, to receive higher education. Alvarez eventually attended UCLA and was accepted to many other distinguished colleges (167). Union City was an unlikely source of inspiration for educational excellence, but that is what it has become. The unemployment rate in the community of Union City is 60% higher than the national average (Kirp 169). Their success was not through copious amounts of funding, but through hard work and a long term plan of small changes (Kirp 170). This demonstrates that education is available as a whole to all who step forth into the United States seeking an education. It is not only given to those with wealth and esteem, but to those who have nothing to offer except their time and energy. All in all Alvarez and Union City is a perfect example of how no matter the situation a good education is available to those who are willing to grasp
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