Advantages Of Wind Energy

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Using wind energy would be the best way to solve the world’s pollution problem that cause by burning of fossil fuel. The reason why I personally think that is the best way to solve the pollution is because the wind energy (wind turbine) only uses wind to produce electricity. Wind energy is plentiful, renewable, clean and produce no harmful gas. The effects to the environment are less problematic than the other nonrenewable energy source. It is also cheaper than coal or burning gas. Also the wind energy is a moral energy because it doesn’t have to kill any living thing like plants or animals to produce electricity and it uses natural wind to convert electricity, so it is better than digging in the earth to get fossil fuels and burning to get…show more content…
No need to kill animals and cut trees. Excavation of earth to search petroleum is also avoided. Only a little noise pollution us created during the wind turbine rotation. Although it is required relatively large amount of area to construct many of the wind turbines, it can also be a perfect harmony to the environment and all the living things can remain to stay here without the need of sacrifice. It will never stop when there is a wind resource and seems to be a long lasting energy resource. In conclusion I think wind energy is the best energy resources to solve the world's pollution problem. It is because.........
The advantages of using wind energy are as follows :-
(a). Environmental protection and no need to get fossil fuels to generate electricity;
(b). Occupied less space than normal power station. The surrounding land of the wind turbine can be used for agriculture;
(c). New technology makes the extraction of wind energy much more efficient;
(d). Wind turbines are the great resource to generate energy everywhere such as mountain and countryside;
(e). Wind energy can be combined with solar energy to provide a steady and reliable electricity
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