Persuasive Essay On Vaccinate Children

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As a mother of two beautiful children I want what’s best them, wouldn’t you want the same for your own child? Did you know that one simple little thing such as vaccinating your children can protect them from numerous different diseases throughout the world? According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 95% of American kindergarteners are fully vaccinated. Sounds great right? But that 5% can still cause a major outbreak. Those children whose parents have decided to not vaccinate them increase the risk of them acquiring and transmitting any vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines are recommended only after a long and careful review by scientists and health care professionals. Immunizations can help save not only your own child’s life but helps end the spread of these diseases to other loved ones as well. Some diseases that in one time wiped out thousands of children have now been completely eliminated or close to extinction due to our safe and effective vaccinations. For instance, a while ago the United States was in great fear of the Polio disease, which was causing not only paralysis but also death all around the country,…show more content…
Army Europe Regional Medical Command issued “that in 2010 the U.S. had over 21,000 cases of whooping cough reported and 26 deaths, most seen in children younger than 6 months old. Unfortunately, some babies are too young to be completely vaccinated and some people may not be able to receive certain vaccinations due to severe allergies, illness, weakened immune systems or other reasons” but I can assure for those parents who are worried about the side effects of a vaccination that your child may experience slight discomfort or pain, have redness or even tenderness from the site of injection, but these side effects are extremely minimal compared to the trauma of catching a serious disease. The number one serious side effect from immunizations is an allergic reaction, which is very rare, and can still be
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