Persuasive Essay On Vaccinating Children

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Countless adults are surprisingly unaware of the affects of not vaccinating their children. Altogether, 2.5 million deaths are prevented each year with vaccinations, and seven thousand per day (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). “ Using vaccines to help eliminate diseases is essential in reducing the childhood mortality rate,” says the World Health Organization. Vaccines are crucial for a child to receive in order to be protected from many serious and deadly diseases; therefore, vaccinating children should be mandated by law. Most children, toddlers and babies put toys and other items in their mouth; everything a child touches automatically has the germs and substances they’ve been touching. It is estimated kid’s toys have an average of 400 colonies of bacteria (Frank). Furthermore, germs are everywhere, and if one person gets an illness then everyone who came in contact with them would have an elevated risk of getting sick. According to the Center for Disease Control, diseases spread quickly among unvaccinated people, mainly children. Viruses that have once injured or killed multiple people now have a vaccine to…show more content…
Many believe that immunizations don’t help prevent the illness, but have side effects worse than the real disease (Calandrillo). Most immunizations give protection for diseases that are no longer around, and can no longer harm us (Darden). Although, one day our bodies and immune systems will no longer accept the antibodies in vaccinations. On the other side, we are currently provided with the most safe and effective versions of vaccines that go through extensive tests. Immunizations are harmless, with the correct dosages of the antibodies, but they can have rare minor reactions (CDC). Even if someone is exposed to an illness and has had a vaccine against it, there’s not a 100% chance they won’t get the disease, but if they do get it, the side effects will not be as
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