Persuasive Essay On Vaping

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Over the recent years, vaping has dramatically grown into a multi million dollar industrie. Vaping has became one of the most popular things to do these past and probably future years. People everywhere are buying one because they think that it 's fun and cool. Vaping has became a very popular way to get a buzz discreetly it is also a big disturbance in schools.Vaping is benefiting more people than smoking is because Vaping is better for the environment , people are switching to e-cigs for benefits, and Vaping helps people with mental health issues. With more people switching over to Vaping the environment has become cleaner. The smell of Cigarette butts can cause the air around to become Polluted with unhealthy and unsafe toxins for children of young ages. If a child where to breath in the toxins of tobacco it can cause major health problems because their body is not strong enough to fight off such strong toxins. Smoking is a main reason many smokers are obtaining lung cancer from being a smoker for multiple years(Conserve energy). Smoking has carcinogenic particles which is radiation that comes from the cigaret and promotes lung cancer. Second hand smoking causes the same health problems as first hand smokers. The fumes that come off the cigarette are still toxins that…show more content…
Smoking is very harmful and it is better to switch to Vaping then to keep smoking because Vaping is better for the environment, more people are switching to e-cigs, and Vaping helps with mental issues. Encourage your family members that smoke cigarettes to stop and switch not just for you but for everyone around them. Tell people about the benefits of vaping and how smoking negatively affects everything around them. Get a jewel for a person that smokes so the smoker that you know doesnt hurt themselves by smoking in the toxic chemicals. Vaping is going to be and constant growing corporation and as the years move forward it will grow even larger and people will switch to
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