Persuasive Essay On Veterinary Science

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Veterinary Science By: Emma Ray I have chosen for my program of study is Veterinary Science. In this job you will have to work with large animals as well as small animals. While you will have to work with them you will have to perform surgery, give shots, as well as prescribe medicine for the animals. If you take this study you can go into other jobs as well such as a large animal vet, small animal vet, vet assistance, equine vet as well as a vet tech. As a small animal vet you will take care of dogs, cats, and reptiles those are only a few of the animals you would work with. As a large animal vet you would only take care of large animals such as horses, cows, and pigs these are only a few. If you became a vet assistance you would help with feeding and grooming animal then as a vet tech you will run medical test and help decide on the diagnoses. To be a veterinarian it will take a lot of school, and hard work. In high school there are classes you will have to take it may not be easy but worth it in the end. The classes you can take at Heritage High School are Large Animal Science, as well as Small Animal Science there are a lot more but those are just two classes you will have to take. I will go to Pellissippi State for two years to get the scholarship from Tennessee and earn my associates degree. To earn my associate 's degree I will have to take the classes of Anatomy and physiology, Introductory veterinary technology, Clinical lab methods, Pharmacology,

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