Case Study: Veterinary Science

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Veterinary Science
By: Emma Ray I have chosen for my program of study is Veterinary Science. In this job you will have to work with large animals as well as small animals. While you will have to work with them you will have to perform surgery, give shots, as well as prescribe medicine for the animals. If you take this study you can go into other jobs as well such as a large animal vet, small animal vet, vet assistance, equine vet as well as a vet tech. As a small animal vet you will take care of dogs, cats, and reptiles those are only a few of the animals you would work with. As a large animal vet you would only take care of large animals such as horses, cows, and pigs these are only a few. If you became a vet assistance you would help
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As a large animal veterinarian as this you will be working with most farm animals such as goats, pigs, horses, cows, and sheep. You will be making about 71,096 dollars as a when they start out but you can earn more than that. The job outlook is nine percent till about 2024. As a small animal veterinarian which is where you will work with small animals like house pets such as birds, dogs, cats, and reptiles. The average salary you will make is 105,735 dollars the job outlook for this position is nine percent as well. As a veterinarian assistance which is where you will help the veterinary feed the animals you will will make around 24,360 dollars. The job outlook for a veterinarian assistance is nine percent as well. As a equine vet which is one who deals with only horses and treating only horses. The average salary is 99,000 dollars the job outlook is about nine percent. As a vet tech is where you will go along with the vet and help give shots and wrap horses. You will make an average of 32,490 dollars and the job outlook for a vet tech is twenty percent this was found at the website of for the vet tech pay and job outlook. Where are the places I would work? If you want to be a large animal vet you could work at Southwind Animal Hospital. If you want to be a small animal vet you can work at Blount Veterinary Clinic. If you would like to be a veterinarian assistance you could work at Fancy Paws Cat Clinic. If you would like to be an equine veterinarian you could work at Countryside Vet Services. If you would like to be a vet tech you could work at Village Veterinary Medical

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