Video Game Violence Research Paper

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lex I agree with you that video game violence is not the reason behind why children act out and have violent behavior. I like how you point out that before video games there were other forms that we as a society would point towards and give life to the reason why we have violent behaviors. I know we even look at sports, and when there is an issue of rape or domestic violence they say that the aggressive behavior from the sport gave rise to this action. Could it be that they just have a natural violent behavior from things outside or that they view rape as more acceptable in their mind. I recently just saw a poll that was given to high school students about whether or not they view certain situations as that it would be acceptable for rape…show more content…
They feature guns, war, and even deaths in violent ways that for the most of the time would not happen in real life. These same features that appear in movies, shows, and what we see on social media. If we see these same features then why do we always seem to blame video games for why children exhibit violent behaviors. We can control how children are taught to release their aggressive behaviors by having parents teaching them what is a healthy way to deal with their issues.

Children with conduct disorder should be the focus on what they are exposed to. These children normally do not have a lot of adult supervision and are known from coming from parents that display anger, substance use, or have psychological disorders. This group would be the hardest to control until they are being forced to have adult supervision to control their behavior.

If we say that video games contribute to violent behavior, then we can also say that it can relieve that violent behavior. Video games sure have guns, war, and even killing people, but it can also be used to control how we exert how anger. Video games can be an outlet for when children are angry, and instead of hitting a wall, or acting out that aggression that short period of time in a video game can be used to help you work through that frustration, and even help you forget why you were angry in the first
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