Persuasive Essay On Video Games

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Have you ever thought why your child is acting the way he/she does? If your child is so into the game he/she are playing they would get effected by every action that is occurred throughout the game. Video games has improved a lot from the past. The games were simple and clean it didn 't have all what we have now. Now-a-days most video games are involved with violence and if i was a child i would think that its okay if they are doing it. If one day your child comes back home from school and he/she fought with someone, you should not blame them but you should blame yourself and why you allowed them to play those kind of games. By allowing your child to play those kind of games it shows that you as a parent are encouraging them to play. To avoid all violence and stay on the safe side; limit your child’s time in playing video games and have him/her read a book instead or play games that help him think and have his mind working. Video games are bad for children and even adults because it’s involved with violence and swearing. Video games can effect you in any ways such as changing the child’s life, the child’s health, and it would most likely damage the brain.

There are always rules that must be followed whether in life or a game, if you play a game without rules you’ll live your life without rules. Any action that is made will effect your life either to the good or to the bad. Most people use video games as an excuse to escape from life situations; it has changed the way

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