Persuasive Essay On Video Surveillance

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At present, the world is facing severe problems regarding privacy and security like theft ,crimes and misdeeds. From previous researches it has been concluded that our current video surveillance system needs improved to make it robust and efficient . Such problems can be dealt with the use of new smart technologies . It means making more output with less input power .
This paper mainly focuses on the video surveillance problems being faced by modern day generation and ways to tackle them smartly .

Surveillance is supervising of the actions, activities, or other changing information. Usually people use this to control , manage, direct, or to protect themselves . Video surveillance means examining from a distance by means of electronic equipment such as CCTV cameras etc. The word surveillance has been derived from a FRENCH phrase for "watching over":- sur means "from above" and veiller means "to watch".
In 1950s,CCTV cameras came into picture and from there video surveillance technologies have been undergoing continuous growth Over the last decades the pace is becoming faster and faster .Video surveillance system includes optical sensors, efficient video compression methods, IP-networking technologies, low-cost volume digital storages, powerful digital signal .
How to make our city more smart ? In today 's world the mostly raised question is of “security” . How the

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