Persuasive Essay On Virtual Reality

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In spite of the indifference, Virtual Reality has awoken the world in giant ways. Society should not stay doubtful of the countless possibilities it has to bring in an optimistic and technological way. Recently, in order to describe something that holds spirit and effect without having form, but having an effect on the actual, the word ‘virtual’ was used. Virtual reality is developing all the time and has found hitches not formerly considered. Applications of Virtual reality are starting to find their way into normal society. Primarily, the use of VR (virtual reality) was viewed as appreciated only to scientists and engineers whose very particular needs, dealt with the meager quality of the 3D images generated from the computer. For example,…show more content…
One of the biggest problems relates to seizures, loss of awareness and motion sickness. Nausea is known to happen when a person spends some time in a VR environment. The main cause is blamed on the effects on balance because of the changing shifts in perception. People are affected the same way when on a ship and their balance is affected, causing feelings of nausea. Some individuals can go for numerous hours in a VR environment without noticing any side effects while others can only last 30 minutes. The name derived from this is known as…show more content…
The VR technology is altering how music and videos can be heard and viewed. I t could be used as a new form of revenue for an industry whose business has been devastated by a new digital platform more than 20 years ago. There are now 360-degree Virtual Reality videos starting to arrive in the music world. It makes people feel immersed, like they were in the actual story in the video. It’s a visual music experience unlike any other and with the live music involvement on the way, it should change the concert going experience into another

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