Persuasive Essay On War Education

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What should we bargain in our education and what content should we write into the textbook to prevent the following generation from waging war? Concerning these enquires, which put forth by Virginia Woolf nearly a century ago, it seems the human race fails to give a satisfactory riposte. No matter how hard human beings have tried, war stays to be an inevitable matter. Some people state this frustrating and inescapable result is caused by human’s aggressive instinct: we are inherently violent and egocentric. However, is human nature truly so selfish and hostile that human race are doomed to be uneducable in war prevention? Or there is indeed something problematic with the way we teach warfare, and those drawbacks hinder us from comprehensively understanding the nature of war and thereof shackle us from effectively reducing the chance of conflict? By an evaluation of Alexevich’s War’s Unwomanly Face, a book, which chronicles the real struggles and contribution of women warriors, I find it more plausible to say today’s war education is indeed problematic and ineffective, and it is possible to improve it in two ways: first, by giving a more comprehensive teaching of war, and second, by altering the unitary and over-rational way of teaching war into a more multifold and empathetic one. First of all, although it sound as a cliche, one way to improve the war education is to give a thorough teaching with respect to warfare. It may be hard to believe but it is safe to say our war
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