Persuasive Essay On Water Pollution

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Have you ever wonder how pollution can or would be like in 35 years? Well I think that this problem has a clear and easy solution, as a common topic we talk about why the world is getting worst and why people doesn´t do anything to stop this risky situation. talking about “what if…” but we don´t see the other side of the quesion, we only think about what others can do. But we clearly don´t think about “what can I do?”. This is a common factor that determines why people just stay there waiting to get the answer, in this case; waiting to others to do something. Now, talking about this main topic which is water pollution the interest is deteriorating at the point in which we don´t care and this is a symptom of a selfish society. If we stop and analyze what are causes of this situation, we may find out that we are the main cause of it and that out actions define the position we have in this problem. Some of the causes of water pollution are; sewage, industrial waste, marine dumping, and global warming. So as I said before all of the above are provoked by us. Lets talk about sewage, in our houses the production of wastewater can cause pollution in lakes and rivers because it often contains faeces, urine and laundry waste. Our second point is marine dumping which can cause several issues specially to marine life; items such as 6-pack ring packaging can get caught in animals and as a result death. Other things that can cause problems are Newspaper; which takes 6 weeks to degrade,

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