Persuasive Essay On Water Pollution

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I believe that polluted oceans can cause both animals and humans to get sick and die. When people pollute, it ends up in the ocean and then people go in the water and get sick. Pollution is not the only thing, plastic is very bad and kills animals. I have seen animals get caught in plastic bags and I have seen animals trying to eat the trash people throw. Imagine trying to relax by walking on the beach and then coming across a dead animal that has plastic wrapped around it, I have seen that and it is very sad.

Pollution is killing many animals and here are some examples. 1. Some dead sea otters had arrived at Melissa Miller’s Santa Cruz California lab and they had bright yellow eyes and gums and their livers were completely destroyed. The cause of this was a nasty toxin called microcystin. Microcystin appears because of human pollution and fertilizers that flow into rivers and lakes which then lead to the ocean. Cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs and pesticides like DDT are in marine mammals ' fatty tissues and they cause serious harm. 2. Many health departments encourage people not to swim 72 hours after it rains because the coastal waters are polluted from urban runoff, leaking sewage from sewage pipes and overflowing sewer manholes. Surfers and divers have a higher risk of getting ill from contaminated water than swimmers or waders in contaminated water. Because of the contaminated water after a rainfall, a San Diego surfer named Barry Ault died because he got an
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