Persuasive Essay On Wearing Seatbelts

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Arrive Alive Imagine a nice, warm, sunny, summer day driving down the road with your family, you weren’t going that far. All of a sudden your dad fails to negotiate a turn and the car goes down a steep embankment. Your parents were ejected from the car, they weren’t wearing seat belts, you on the other hand wore your seatbelt and stayed in the car only suffering minor cuts and bruises. The paramedics came, took you out of the car, and brought you to the ambulance. You asked the paramedics how your parents were and they told you that they were sorry, they did everything they could, but they passed away. As horrific as this sounds, this happens more often than you think. Unfortunately, in the years of 2012-2014, 1,057 people died from being unbuckled (“Total Fatalities”).To reduce the amount of deaths caused by not wearing seat belts, we need to look at causes, effects, and possible solutions to this problem. One incident in New Jersey helps to start paint the picture of how serious and widespread the problem actually is. On April 12, 2007 the New Jersey Governor was in a serious car accident and wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He suffered numerous injuries including a broken sternum, a deep facial cut,and eleven…show more content…
The most obvious thing they have done is to make the car beep until you put on your seat belt. In some cars the beeping stops after a certain time, so if you can handle the beeping you still won’t wear your seat belt. If you don’t want to hear the beeping you still can get around it by buckling the seat belt behind you. Newer models in Ford and GMC have created similar programs that mute the radio until the front seat, meaning driver and passenger, are buckled. I think these programs would be very successful because I have to have the radio on when I drive but I also think there is a way to get around it which would be to play music off your phone while you
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