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Never judge a book by it’s cover, but that's all people do these days is judge, judge, judge. Some may say welding is a dangerous, unpredictable, a harmful thing to participate in. Some might even ponder on the word “Weld” and think if they know what it is. But only if you've done it then you will never know what it feels like (or what it is), the rush of adrenalin and the art it can create. People who weld learn to be themselves, they become more alert and welding can help with further career choices. Welding should become an encore choice in middle schools.
Learning and getting to be yourself is a very important thing to discover in yourself. In welding the welder has to be independant and NOT let others shut them down. Being yourself in welding is very important, if you don’t believe in yourself its very hard to achieve the goals you set. Kalie Kip was a girl who didn’t let people tell her what welding was a man's job, she states “if welding was started earlier, then maybe more kids would try it.” Also if welding was started in middle school, then some kids might
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Well in welding safety always comes first, there are tons of way to prevent getting hurt. If you have a vent in the area that your welding in (or a door open), you will get rid of all the toxic gases that could potentially build up. A welding helmet and safety glasses, to keep eyes safe (and not get flashed). Genes, welding coat and gloves, so the potential to get burned is reduced. Lastly a bucket of water and welding pliers, this is for hot metal that was welded on and so hands don’t touch hot medel. Kalie Kip says “Welding is a very hands on/ brain on job,” knowing this you always have to be vigilant of things and others around you. Welding takes lots of responsibility and cleanliness, so accidents never happen. Like somethings, welding is better to start young. It teaches kids the basics on safety and how to weld, so in the future it will be easier to pick up

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