Persuasive Essay On Legalize Drug Testing

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This is not a true story, but things like this happen everywhere. A local high school boy named Josh felt the struggle everyday. Josh was struggling to get through his senior year of high school, keep good grades, maintain a steady job, and try to cope with his home life. With graduation only a month away, Josh was certain he wanted to go to culinary school. When he turned in his application he realized he didn’t have an email. Not even thinking, he quickly wrote down his mom’s email and ran out the door. After a eight hour shift at the gas station, he came home to find his mom waiting at the door for him. She said that she had received an application acceptance letter to culinary school. His whole face lit up and he was jumping with…show more content…
There are on average 52,404 deaths in the US each year.This should be eye awakening, but yet the government doesn’t care. Required drug screenings would help lower the use of drugs. Senator David Vitter argues, “Requiring screenings would give addicts a key incentive to seek help so that they can once again be healthy, support their own families, and make positive contributions to our society”(Welfare drug testing 2). If people are truly concerned about getting the help they need, welfare, than they need to be serious enough to get help from drugs. Druggies are getting free food and free everything else but yet are contributing nothing to society. Another reason is that testing people will limit the intake of drugs. Testing people would insure safe environments for children growing up with irresponsible parents (Welfare drug testing 2). Children have no control over what family they are born into or where they live. But if we can do more to protect the future generation of America, then why aren’t we doing everything that we can? We should be protecting the kids that have no voice. Another reason that drug testing should be implemented is because we as hard working citizens are subsidizing people who are then using
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