Persuasive Essay On Whaling

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In the materialistic world today, whaling seems to become a norm to the society as it happens around us in the world everyday. In Japan, it was defined as “Japanese Whaling” and it begun in the 12th century. Whaling is an activity that people hunt whales from the sky blue ocean to make profits from it, use them for research purposes and extract the nutrient from their body for human consumption that is essential for human’s health. In fact, it is just an activity that kills whale for human’s own good. There are people believed that whaling has been done for years. Some ethnic group believes that it is a cultural right to hunt whales. In Prehistoric cultures were hunting whales at least 3000 years ago (2008), whale hunting were commenced by the primordial ethnic at least three thousand years ago. It is clear that whale hunting is not just done by generation nowadays but has already been done by people in the past. As a whole, whale hunting has become more and more conventional. It seems like nothing is wrong for hunting whales from the ocean. If this activity continues to be uncontrolled, whales will extinct in one day. Although whale hunting is known to be profitable to the hunters, whaling is still unacceptable because they are the beautiful creation of mother nature that we have to protect, it is considered as animal cruelty or abusion and it will cause pollution to the sea, thus becoming danger to human beings.

First and foremost, whaling should be completely banned to

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