Persuasive Essay On Why Athletes Are Overpaid

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Athletes Are Overpaid

Athletes have always gotten more money than they deserve. As a result, athletes are overpaid and sources say “more money causes more problems.” Athletes get paid unnecessary amounts of money each year that they have no clue what to do with it all so they spend it on stuff they don’t need! For example, this pro athlete has 8 cars and he is complaining he needs money to pay for his ferrari that is just ridiculous if they have that many have that many cars! To add on, 60-85% of athletes go bankrupt within 2-5 years or retirement or they end of having financial problems and can’t afford stuff they claim they need when they clearly don’t. Also, when athletes get paid, some athletes, make way more money than an average family could make in a lifetime! Another example is, that baseball players get paid $19 million to ONLY swing a bat at a ball and if they miss it doesn’t matter they still get paid and that just isn’t
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Again, most athletes spend money on stuff that isn’t useful in everyday life and others do but also others spend money on a brand new car when they already have like 4 or 5 and some buy cars just for looks because they want to show off and brag to people about their “brand new car” and who knows they might not even know how to drive it and waste time and money on that when they can spend it on things they need and not things they want. In conclusion, athletes need to get paid less and people who save up for things they need those people should get some of the pay athletes get and people who spend money wisely deserve professional athletes’

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