Persuasive Essay On Why Children Should Stay At School Zoos

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The death of Harambe, has sparked debate throughout the world about who to blame and what should have happened. The 17-year-old gorilla was shot dead by Cincinnati zoo staff after a 3-year-old child fell into its enclosure. The zoo did not fulfil their obligation to keep the visitors safe, as it needed to provide adequate supervision as well as a safer enclosure for the visitors and animals.

Visiting a zoo should be an enjoyable experience that will provide valuable education for all of the family knowing that your children will be safe. Parents should feel confident in being able to take their eyes of their children for a short amount of time, without them getting into too much trouble. “I believe that this zoo has not met the required standards for a zoo with this kind of animals” said NYC
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The zoo needs not only improved enclosures but also enhanced staffing. To have a child climb through a fence and fall into an animal’s enclosure is not only because of the unsafe enclosure, but also the limited supervision. As previously stated, the parents should not have to continuously look after their children. The limited supervision in the zoo could be easily fixed by gaining more staff to watch the children and stop such future events occurring. Even with a limited amount of staff there should be security cameras on all parts of the park not only for maintenance but also for in times like these. The lack of supervision can endanger the lives of the visitors and the animals.

A zoo should be a family friendly place that people feel safe visiting. After the incident at Cincinnati zoo, where a 17-year-old gorilla was shot after a young boy fell into its enclosure, the zoo does not present itself as a safe environment. The unsafe enclosure and limited supervision endangers visitors and the animals. Both of these issues can be fixed easily and would prevent such future events

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