Persuasive Essay On Why College Isn T For Everyone

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College Isn’t for Everyone
"By telling all young people that they should go to college no matter what, we are actually doing some of them a disservice" (Owen). This quote from “Brookings Paper: Is College a Good Investment” goes into detail about how college isn’t for everyone. By educators, parents, and authority figures telling graduating high school seniors that college is necessary, they are limiting the potential of that student’s true skills. College isn’t right for everyone and not everyone wants to go to college. College isn’t right for everyone because its costly, it’s not the right environment for everyone, it’s not necessary for everyone’s job, and a bachelor’s degree might be too hard to get.
College is not the best choice for everyone
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This scares a lot of people because they believe they need a bachelor’s degree to get a “good” job. A peer reviewed article states that "just as a bachelor 's degree is no guarantee of occupational success, failure to secure such a degree is no guarantee of finding only 'second best ' jobs" (Hoyt). Even without a degree, people can still find a pretty nice job. Of course, the person couldn’t be a doctor or something of that position that requires a degree, but the person could still be a mechanic or a representative of a company or even the owner of their own restaurant or franchise. One book, choosing a Vocation, argues that “the best abilities and enthusiasms of the developed man with the daily work he has to do” (Parsons). A person does not need a bachelor’s degree to be successful. Some people just need simple knowledge with lots of experience to become successful. The also offers that educators “guide our boys and girls to some extent through school, the drop them into this complex world to fail or succeed entirely as the case may be” (Parsons). Even with a bachelor’s degree, nobody will know whether the student will be successful or

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