Persuasive Essay On Why College Should Be Free

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College should be free For students going to college is a life changing factor. College education is a necessity for all society. When students go to college, they will develop their knowledge very well and they will know what’s good and bad for their life. They will also achieve their dreams. In most country’s students who are going to college should have to pay to attend in college, and most students throughout the world are having a difficult time in financing college education. That is why I argue that college should be free so that students can achieve their dreams. First, some people argue, students have to pay for college educated. They said free college education, leads to lack of college student's responsibility because…show more content…
Well, everyone needs quality education. However, that doesn’t mean all colleges should not be free to get a quality education. In most countries, there is a lot of Privet College that serves good education. Therefore, there is an option for students who like to get quality education or don’t like to learn in community college. Moreover, I strongly agree that college tuition should be free for students because education is very important for student all over the world. When one government allows students to attend at the college for free, the benefit is good for both of them because when they are educated in their community that will get a lot of business minded students, such as doctors and teachers. However, when students cannot go to college because of the high tuition, they will engage in crimes, drugs, and many young teenage girls will get pregnant because they are not smart enough to handle their lives. In contrast, when a student goes to college they will know what diseases are and they will know how to protect themselves from diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, college should be free for students to educate the community, and develop the
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