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Dinner is Served

"We have family coming over tonight, so I'll clean and you are in charge of cooking dinner. My family is going to be over in about two and a half hours so you have to make it quick," Tina says to her husband.

"Well what do I choose because I don't want to cook chicken nuggets, I still want to impress them, but I only have about two hours to make it. What do I choose," asked Mike. There are many options to choose from, but there is an easy and quick solution to this problem. The easy solution would be to make a dish of lasagna. Lasagna will fill the guest up and is easy to make. Making lasagna is an easy fifteen step process that will take, at most a total of an hour and a half.

Before making the lasagna, you'll need to make sure you have the following ingredients: one pound of meat of your preference (beef, Italian sausage, veal, etc.), a pound of ricotta cheese, a pound of shredded Mozzarella cheese, one diced white onion, two crushed cloves of garlic,
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You have to have a large sauce pot which is on medium-low heat in order to create the meat sauce. You will now add the meat into the pan. Once the meat is in the pot, add the twenty-eight ounces of sauce along with the twelve ounces of tomatoes. Once the sauce and meat are in the pot, stir very well causing the meat to be distributed throughout the sauces. At this time raise the heat to medium until the, now meat sauce, begins to occasionally bubble. This will generally take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. After the desired time cooking the sauce remove the pot from the heat. As the sauce is cooling it is time to prepare the ricotta cheese. To do this, you have to whip together a beaten egg and the ricotta cheese. Use a fork to whip the egg in a bowl, almost as if preparing to make scrambled eggs. After whipping the egg, mix the ricotta cheese with the egg. Once this is done, it is now time to start building the

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