Persuasive Essay On Why Do School Lunches

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I believe that if schools start to make their lunches healthier, and start taking the UN healthy foods out then students will stop eating school lunch. The food that they feed us already is not in the best of condition. School's have already taken the majority of the UN healthy foods out of school as it is. So to take out anymore food would be ridiculous. over half of the students pack their lunch as it is. If the students stop eating school lunches then that is money the school is losing. the schools lunches barely have any food you can get anyhow, so to take anymore away wouldn't even be a lunch. The food that we are served in the cafeterias are in decent conditions. I personally think that we have healthy lunches as it is. We are served …show more content…

Their are students that don't eat anything until they get to school. And they do not want to eat vegetables and fruits and that is it. then you will have students that will not even buy a lunch at all because there is nothing that they like, because it is all healthy food. Kids already complain about how they took all of the good food out of our schools, and you want to make it all healthy? A lunch can only be so healthy before you do not get all of the ingredients your body needs to survive. Another example is, if you change the students school lunch, and make it healthier you should do that to the teachers as well. Students do not like new changes just as much as teachers don't. The school will have a big drop in money because the students will eventually stop buying the school lunches, because they do not like what they are eating and paying for. I also believe that we should be able to pick and choose what we like to eat or what we want to eat because we are paying for the meal. Its not fair to the students to pay for food that they personally do not want to eat or buy. Some kids don't have the money to be able to pack their lunches or go and buy fast food for lunch, so they haft to eat school lunch. and they do not want to just eat fruits and

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