Persuasive Essay On Why Football Players Are Overpaid

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Football Players Are Overpaid In today’s society professional football players are highly overpaid. Their salary is ridiculous. I don’t feel they deserve to be paid so much for playing with a pigskin ball. Football is for pure entertainment for our crazed sports fans. There is no other purpose for this. Our society should be more interested in the salary of our soldiers and we should support them, more than football icons. There is one NFL football player who can help prove this. Pat Tillman was a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals in 1998. When the United States invaded Afghanistan, Tillman decided to put his professional career on hold in order to join the U.S. military. Pat Said, “ sports embodied many of the qualities I deem meaningful,…show more content…
It should be the opposite, our soldiers who are keeping this country safe and free are more important than a game with pigskin ball. The biggest thing a football player actually has to worry about is making six points. There is no record of any NFL football player dying from injuries due to playing football. Sadly between 2003-2004 1486 deaths occurred in the Army (Casualties,2017). Our soldiers have to worry about coming home in one piece which brings me back to Pat & the unknown soldier. In 2003, the 19-year-old E-2 specialist was stationed in Fallujah, Iraq, along with my ex-son-in-law, Graham. Their camp was hit by mortars, this young soldier being paid a mere $15,480 without hesitation tackled Graham like a football player and gave his own life protecting him. Graham was injured and sent home. The following year Graham has redeployed once again to Afghanistan without hesitation, he went. Pat Tillman who, was an E-4 Ranger Specialist also deployed in 2004, to Eastern, Afghanistan where he also lost his life, for the yearly pay of $19,656

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