Persuasive Essay On Why Gun Safety Is Important For Children

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Gun safety Do your kids know how dangerous guns are? Do you want your kid to learn about gun safety? Many kids get into accidents with guns because they mess around with them, so it’s a good idea if they learn about gun safety. Gun safety is a task that helps you learn how to be safe, protected, etc around guns. You would most likely want your kids to be away from harm’s way. Kids should be safe around guns. They should know when to hide when they hear a gunshot. If there was a gunshot, they would know not to mess around and pay attention to you, teachers, etc. They should learn when to take action when they hear a gunshot. Guns are not toys, so they shouldn’t be messing around with them. Kids must be safe around these weapons for their safety. Accidents always happen. Most of the fender-benders are shooting someone or getting shot. Not long ago a 3 year old, in Albuquerque, N.M., shot his pregnant mother and father with a gun, so it means he accidentally shot 3 members of his family. Another accident that happened included 4 young kids in Dallas, Ga. They were messing around with a gun and…show more content…
It’s so your kids can be safe and unharmed. Kids should be safe around guns for their safety. Gun safety should be taught to kids because accidents always happen. Some people think kids shouldn’t be taught about gun safety, but other think kids should be taught about gun safety. Kids get harmed from guns because they’re using a gun without permission, and they’re not suppose to use them. This is for your child’s safety, so kids should learn about gun safety. They could learn with BB guns because it’s not as risky as a real gun, but it’s still dangerous. For younger kids, you could buy them toy guns. They must know when to not touch guns because it could be dangerous. If there was a robbery, they could use the weapon because they learned how. You should teach your kid how to be safe and under one’s wing around/with
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