Persuasive Essay On Why Guns Are Bad

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There 's a story behind the guns and the different type of corruption they cause. On March 17, 2017 two children were accidentally shot without life threatening injuries. According to an article from CNN, where they talked about the percentage of gun related incidents with children. However, that could´ve been prevented if the gun wasn 't there in the first place. The two children were left Chuck-E-Cheese and went ahead of their family and inside the SUV was a .38-caliber pistol, which was indeed the weapon ¨accidentally¨ used by the children. An incident that indicates an example why there is no use of guns. Enforcing gun restrictions will reduce the chances of mass shootings. Also enacting this law, will help people feel more safe and…show more content…
Some marches turned into mass shooting, with riots that outburst into deadly situations. The march that was in downtown Dallas was based upon the shooting of a civilian killed by an officer. Like any other march, most become shootings because someone in the crowd has a weapon. A men by the name of Micah Xavier had a sniper and took down five police officers. There is no reason for someone to be having those types of military guns. Someone can and will get hurt and maybe even killed. That 's why there shouldn 't even be that class of weaponry in the United States. These types of shootings are increasing by the year, by the hour and it all can stop if we take away the guns. How many people 's ' families have to go through shooting deaths with relatives? Death by gun isn 't even considered natural or honorable death, it 's “Murder”! We should also do background checks to enhance and enact gun restrictions. This enables you to know what type of person you are dealing with. Looking up the family history can be a big break on whether or not if this is person is acceptable. Even though there is already a “National Instant Criminal Background Check”, there needs to be a law that doesn 't disturber “big guns”. Big guns shouldn 't even be allowed to be sold in the United States. The reason being is that some people 's backgrounds are a disappointment
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