Dialogue Essay: Unsafe Home

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Frankie Evens lost everything with only two words “I’m gay”. She’s been gay her whole life, but with her homophobic parents, she was unable to tell anyone except for her younger brother and her best friend. Both of which accepted her no matter what. Soon after coming out by accident, Frankie’s parents kicked her out which forced Frankie into foster care. Even with everything happening, Frankie only worried about her brother, who was a bisexual boy left alone in an unsafe home. With all this stress Frankie begins to have panic attacks but decides to deal with it all by herself. After staying at her best friend’s house for a few weeks, her social worker, Dorothy came to take Frankie to her new “home”. Frankie had wanted to go to an LGBTQ+ group…show more content…
She said if he doesn’t come back to school in the next few days she will contact the police.” Mari said with a calming tone trying to make Frankie calm with her smooth voice. “I asked you to watch him. Now he’s probably in that home with that abusive man alone all because I had to come out, it’s all my fault. I should have…” Frankie’s breathing began to hither her body shaking, she immediately dropped her phone. It was another panic attack. Afraid this would end like the others her passing out from exhaustion. For the first time she called for Emerson and Will.
“HELP!” Frankie coughed. Emerson barged into Frankie’s room running to her on the floor in a ball.
“WILL GET IN HERE!” Emerson yelled from Frankie’s now decorated room. She had finally after a month hung up some posters of her favorite band. Soon after hanging the posters is when she decided not to leave for the group home. She had felt this was her home now, intel now the room she had grown to love felt like it was closing in on her.
“Wh…what’s happening?” Will asked with a worried fatherly look on his face. Both men kneeled to Frankie. Emerson grabbed her while she started to whimper. “What’s wrong what happened?” Emerson said in the calmest voice he could
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