Persuasive Essay On Why Is It Important To Be Ready For College

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Prep-work As a senior in high school I see why everyone is so stressed about college and hoping they can afford it. Lot of people around the world ask so many questions on when they should start college planning. There are those who oppose to certain requirements for your kids to get into school and don 't want to stress their kids 's very essential to start planning so that later in the future there won 't be any struggles or any type of set backs. Is it okay to start early college planning? Planning for your kids college expenses and education is okay. When talking about college preparation the discussion seems to occur in middle school. To be fully prepared you must discuss college plans with your family, thinking about it and really making action toward preparing. Talking about the values of education is a great place to start. Letting your child understand why it is great to be educated going off to be successful if fundamental.Therefore parents want their kids to be ready for college and be successful and they believe if they prepare ahead of time they won 't have to worry about anything in the future. They want to be able to send them to a good college but the expenses for college are so ridiculous.…show more content…
That is why starting to plan is okay, the money situation is always a good place to start for many reasons. Having the money or at least part of it parents won 't have to worry about having to pay so much in the future. There are always scholarships that your kid can get. Saving as your kids are young helps you prepare earlier but just saving in general is always good. Colleges are not free and unless they get a full ride or anytype of help to pay for it parents will tend to go into debt. I thinks thats why most parents are afraid to send their kids to school because the debt is so high it takes a long period of time to pay it

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