Persuasive Essay On Why People Hate School Lunches

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A lot of people hate the school lunches. A lot of people feel as if the food is gross and not up to their liking. Not everyone likes that school lunches changed quite a bit since Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed. Not a lot of sugar is allowed to be on a tray at a time and almost everything is a wheat product. Lunch isn’t enjoyable anymore and people aren’t loving the lunches we had previously from elementary school.

When people say “If you don’t like the school lunches, then bring your own.”, a lot of people get upset and sometimes angry because some people can’t afford to bring in food from home because some families are limited to what they can give their children when they come to school. Not everyone has the same income or benefits that other families might have. So when the school knows that not everyone can bring in lunch and knows that majority of the school doesn’t like what the students are being served, the school should be quicker than quicker to make sure that there is being a change in what the students are eating.

Students understand that there is a food act that pretty much tells schools what to feed us and in what portion but there have been multiple occasions where food have came out cold and moldy. I know from
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When I took a bite out of my sub, the meatball was hot on the inside but frozen throughout the middle. If students already hate the school lunches, they should at least cook the food and take care of the food so we can at least have a decent meals. Cooks always get frustrated that students complain about how the food is and we understand that they do not get to choose how they want to cook things. We get it. Students just wish that food was up to their liking instead of the standards that were given the school. Lunches never give out the good cookie anymores and students really don’t like cornbread that goes with majority of the
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