Persuasive Essay On Why People Should Eat At Home

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Eat In Imagine that a family wants to go out to dinner. The parents have come in from a hard day’s work and the kids have been at school all day. All they want to do is sit down and eat with their family to see how each other’s day went, but the table next to them is being loud and obnoxious. Your dinner is ruined and when you get home your children start to throw up, you realize it is food poisoning. Not only would you have got to enjoy your meal your children would not be sick. Your children are not just hurting from food poisoning they also hurt because they could not tell you about their day. They were the only student to make an A on a test or maybe they just had a good day they wanted you to hear about or maybe they just enjoy that part of the day. A study done at the University of Columbia stated that seventy-one percent of teens considered eating dinner and spending time with their families the best part of the day. When you eat out you miss out on this precious opportunity, your kids are only little for so long do not miss out, dine in! You should eat at home because it is healthier and nutritious for you. A recent study…show more content…
That is exactly what fast food chains want you to think because that means more money for them when you eat with them. From personal experience dining in has been faster but on top of that just having the security of knowing your food is being prepared with clean hands and plates at your home is comforting. When you dine in a restaurant or go by the window of a drive thru you could already be in the kitchen putting your food on. The CDC estimates that forty-eight million people will get sick from food poisoning this year, one hundred and twenty-eight thousand will have to be hospitalized, and three thousand will die. This happens when restaurant employees neglect to wash their hands, not properly disinfect their tableware, and just pure
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