Going Abroad Is First Language Essay

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Good afternoon everyone. Have you ever been abroad or had an idea to go somewhere? To go overseas maybe one of everyone 's dreams to achieve whether it is for vacation or studying. It is believed that to go abroad helps improve language skills. However, it is not always true. Why? The reason is that not everyone who goes abroad will achieve a successful language learning. Thus, I 'll show you the factors involved in this and ways to solve it.

The first reason why those people cannot learn language effectively is first language interference. As we know, people have their own first language whether it is Thai, Korean, Japanese and so on. According to psycholinguistics, when we study the second language, the first language is more likely to have an influence on the second language’s production. To clarify, this interference may make those who go abroad unable to use language as well as they expected. The reason is that they may think in their native language
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I mean, they can overcome the language fossilization if they are exposed to a new and challenging input progressively. To clarify, they should try to learn something new and find a way to apply it in their routine like trying to use or learn new vocabulary or expressions. For instance; they may volunteer in a project which requires language skills like English camp’s staff. This can help them to acquire new set of vocabulary. To avoid using the same and repetitious language forms is counted as well. The reason is that to use the same expressions or words encourages the repetition which can lead to minor fossilization. Plus, if they made language errors, they must correct them as soon as they realized. It is the way to prevent them from producing language incorrectly. If they do not, it may be too late to fix it since they will use it as if it were

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