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One of the best buys of the trip, the electronic baby monitor is easy to carry in your handbag and the difference of models and prices is amazing. It is worth researching a little to carefully choose the best option for you. When you are expecting a baby, you want to make sure that the nursery is complete. You have the crib, the changing table, the dresser and the mobile phone, but you have a baby monitor? Homes these days now have living areas and sleeping areas. Many couples still have a separate nursery for your baby. Sometimes it's hard beside her babies every hour of the day at home and other tasks such as cooking tea or washing up has to be done, and that's where baby monitors really come in handy. Baby monitors have improved in the last decade and now most models offer wireless technology. This not only helped in efficiency, but also proved much safer for the child…show more content…
He was already a month or even more. The child appeared daily routine. You already know when he should sleep and when to wake up can for something to eat. On home affairs and accumulated a lot of economic troubles, and they could be doing, but you are afraid to leave the baby without his supervision. Suddenly, the baby suddenly wake up and cry when you are not around. To make life easier for moms and solve this problem was invented and has long been used in practice baby monitor. Baby monitor is an electrical device through which the observation of the child. It consists of two parts: the parent unit (receiver - monitor) and the baby unit (transmitter - camera). This is a very convenient invention for new parents because they can not always be with your child, but it maintains a constant monitoring of the baby. Thus, unlike the baby monitors, in addition to audio information, video information obtained parents. Parents can see the monitor as their sleeping baby or how he plays. The time duration of the baby monitors, depending on the model, but the average time is 3

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