Persuasive Essay On Why School Should Be Shorter

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Everyone in America has to go to school at some point in their life. Most students in California attend school for 6 hours a day. In Adelanto, California students learn math, science, language arts, history, PE, and an elective during that time. Some students struggle academically with this kind of schedule. I believe that students do not need to go to school for 8 hours to be successful.

These are some reasons why most students do not want to go to school longer. On there is a poll, this poll is called “Should school days be shorter”. 89% of the students on the poll said yes. 11% of the students on the poll said that the day should be longer. Another reason is students spend time after school doing other things. Another statement from said that “students should get home faster; Have more time to do homework and other activities after school”. One activity that students should do after school is sleep, sleep helps us grow and be healthy. Another
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I think that having more time to learn will not change anything. I believe this, because if students do not choose to learn anything with a 6-hour school day then they certainly will not want to learn with longer classes. Also if teachers made good time management, then we would be on point and the whole class time would be productive. If students did what they were told then they could learn more with no complications. I also believe that giving no homework is not good. I believe this, because if they do not give away homework then they will not get to review at home what they learned at school. Also if we do not have homework students will not learn how to be responsible. They will not know how to take homework and give it back when they need to. This is why I believe that we should give students homework. These are my comebacks to why they think that we should have an 8-hour school
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