Persuasive Essay On Why Should Kids Go To Prek

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Playing with blocks, coloring, naps, and sidewalk chalk. All fond memories of life in pre-k. For most, preschool is a time of fun and games and making your first friends. There is a lot of evidence showing children should be sent to preschool but many aren 't getting the opportunity. Thankfully, there are many options. “Kids should be going to pre-k because it helps kids prepare for the social, academic, and emotional demands of Kindergarten. pre-k helps them get ready to learn,”says Sarah Murphy, an Occupational Therapist who works in the Torrington schools. There is a clear academic advantage with kids who go to pre-k. Children who attend will have an advantage in their reading and math skills. Students are less likely to drop out of High School if they attend preschool…show more content…
Connecticut received a $12.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education in late 2014 that will give 428 children from low-income families the chance to attend pre k and improve quality of state-funded pre k for 284 more children according to the Hartford Courant. This is the third time that the grant was proposed under Gov. Dannel Malloy, once in 2011 and once in 2013. The towns that received benefits are Bridgeport, Derby, East Haven, Griswold, Groton, Hamden, Hebron, Killingly, Manchester, Naugatuck, Seymour, Torrington, Vernon, and Wolcott. Bridgeport Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz said, “Currently, more than one and four kids that are eligible for pre k in Bridgeport do not have access … That’s unacceptable.” Another benefit to the grant is salary. Preschool teacher salary will be bumped up to elementary and high school level salary. Also, professional development will be improved. There will be a new PD system with individualized coaching and mentoring to help better the CT preschool programs. And even another benefit to the already amazing ones is that funding will go to provide health screens, referrals, and assistance in getting needed services says reporter Kathleen
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