Persuasive Essay On Why Should School Start Later?

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Schools should have a later start time. A lot of people will argue that that the start time of schools is good as is right now. In my opinion, there are several reasons as to why schools should start later. Kids/Teenagers function better later in the day rather that early in the morning, it would improve attendance of schools, and the most important meal of the day. Teens and kids actually function better if schools started maybe just an hour later. Students would first off get more sleep. David Dinges did a study of what kids function and reform better with so many hours of sleep. The students with 8 hours of sleep, learning curve rose and they did better at assigned tasks. Students that only got 6 hours of sleep, learning curve flattened; and the students that only slept for 4 hours were less able to perform tasks. (School Start Times and Adolescent Sleep Needs) With all the homework that kids get and with sports and everything there are kids that don’t go to bed until 11-12 o'clock. That give kids 6-7 hours of…show more content…
It kick starts your metabolism and brain. By waking up an hour later and being more ready for the day when you wake up, it will cause people to get ready faster and not sit in bed for 15 minutes before getting out of bed therefor giving time to make breakfast/eat breakfast. Breakfast can actually help because it provides nutrients and energy to keep you going through the day. It will cause you to not be so tired and groggy in the morning. It basically gives you a boost for the day. Schools should definitely have a later start time. You have read all the positive effects it has on a student and you may be thinking what about all the other stuff like sports. You have to realize that some things are more important than other and something weigh out others. A lter start time can have students functioning better during the day, improve attendance, and have students eating the most important meal of the
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