Persuasive Essay On Why We Lie

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Why do we lie? This question isn 't whether we lie or not, because we all do, and if you disagree, you guessed it, you 're lying. This question isn 't about how good it is to sometimes lie or the urgency to, this question is about knowing the right moment to actually tell a lie where it will benefit a relationship. Lying cannot necessarily be great, but there are times when not telling the truth can actually be a good thing. It is in our human nature that we lie, we do this for many different types of reasons; parents to their children, to keep surprises and secrets and lastly, to protect themselves and others. What makes you lie?
From the first few years of our childhood we’ve been lied to. Parent’s aren’t really supposed to lie, but of course, they do, most of these lies aren’t necessarily crude and dishonest. It all depends on how we tell them to our children. Some adult matters shouldn 't be discussed with a child since their emotions may not be strong enough to handle the truth, also just remember their growing imagination, you wouldn’t want to start filling their minds with the problems of adulthood or your failing marriage, debts or even family member deaths. Parents don’t only lie about their midlife crisis’, they also lie to grow a child’s imagination or for a child to do a task. Who remembers Santa who gives the gifts every Christmas, The Easter Bunny who hides chocolate eggs in the garden or Sandman, the one who supposedly gives you good dreams if you go to bed
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