Why People Wear Uniforms

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Do you ever wonder why school makes you wear uniforms? Ever think why people make you wear clothes that everyone else wears? Even why you 're spending more money for school, on clothes that you only use once? I know what it’s like to wear uniforms and let me tell you, it made me feel like I was being punished. It’s a bad idea! You are about to spend a $262.00 on uniforms that you are sure you don’t want to wear everyday. You will get all tired of them because these clothes are boring and your closet will be full of 3 colors. I mean when you want friends you can’t express yourself on what you want to wear. People force you to wear plain shirts and it’s like prison when you wear the same uniforms everyday. Some schools have days where you can wear your normal clothes, but that’s a one time thing. Did you know people spend 1,000,000 dollars on uniforms a year? I know right crazy why not just save money and wear clothes you have already. Uniforms are just a waste of time, but not only that when wearing uniforms you will start to feel you can’t try your best to be you when you can’t wear your own clothes, you might not even look like yourself when wearing plain clothes. Can you believe that you thought wearing uniforms can actually increase in bullying. Crazy but a study…show more content…
They should be banned if no one likes to wear them so why force them to. Our parents are wanting us to be ourselves but we can’t with this ridiculous clothes. It might feel scary also because all you see all day is people wearing the same clothes as you for the whole year. Not only that wearing uniforms are just making us spend money for a school that is supposed to be for free and not our intelligence. Lastly, school uniforms have to be banned there is no reason why we can’t wear our own clothes and look like were professional when were just
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