Cape Wind Argumentative Essay

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It’s a beautiful morning in the Cape sound. The water is a golden red color from the sun’s light. The birds are chirping and you go outside to read your favorite book. You look over to the sound but the color is gone. You see a giant machine in the middle of the water and you realize that the golden red color isn’t from the sun, it’s from oil in the water. You realize that the wind turbine did this and you are horrified.

The U.S is in a 16.3 trillion dollar debt, a hole that is very hard to get out of. The CWP will only add more debt to the country and the people. The project will cost 2.5 billion dollars, causing many businesses to fail. There will be a 2.2% increase in an electricity bill, making it even harder for the middle class Americans to afford the electricity.
Also the environment and wildlife population has been decreasing rapidly along with birds and
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They have built spiritual homes and churches, the wind turbines will only take that away. The tribes are over 10,000 years old and people should not invade their possessions.

People who support the Cape Wind Project say that wind turbines could provide more affordable energy. That the cost will not affect a person and that through a couple of years, the energy prices will go down because we can “reuse the energy”.
This is not true, wind turbines cannot produce as much energy as oil or natural gas. When the turbines are finished, the electricity bill will be 37 cents per megawatt. It takes 3 to power a small LED light. One wind turbine usually creates about 24,000 watts a day and with all the turbines built in the CWP, 130 of them, there will be 3,120,000 total watts produced a day. The average american uses about 262,368 and there are 6.745 million people that live in massachusetts. The turbine will not produce the electricity to power even half of the demand. This means that we will have to fall back on oil and natural

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