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What's the Best Wireless Headphones for TV
Have you ever watched television and have to turn the volume down because your roommate is asleep and you do not want to wake them up? Isn’t it annoying to not be able to listen and understand what the characters are saying? How do you solve this dilemma?
Get a wireless headphone for your television.
No need to worry about waking up other people with the loud volume of your TV, since the scene is unfolding clearly right before your eyes and the sound is made specifically for your ears. Moreover, there are no annoying wires that will distract you as you watch your favorite shows.
However, there are several wireless headphones available on the market today that it might become harder to choose. We have
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RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones

The cheapest wireless TV headphone on this list does not fall short in terms of quality since it features several technologies that are usually present in more expensive headphones. The RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones can transmit audio signal up to 150 feet through walls, floors and ceilings and it has a Phase-Lock Loop or PLL technology that locks in frequency to avoid loss of signal.

This headphone is also engineered with a 40 mm speaker and a 900 MHz transmitting frequency for the optimum sound performance. The RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones has a 3 channel selection on headphones and transmitter for easier tuning since it has a reduced interference. When it comes to charging this wireless headphone, it is able to charge on a transmitter for easier storage and usage. The battery life of this headphone lasts roughly 10 hours or so.

In terms of design and structure, it is compact and comfortable and it is able to provide a full and rich sound. Moreover, this headphone is compatible with almost any audio source, such as DVD, CD, DBS or HDTV. However, you have to increase the volume often as the volume on this headphone is quite low. There is also a constant popping sound which can be pretty
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Sennheiser RS 175 RF Digital System Wireless Headphone System

The Sennheiser RS 175 RF Digital System Wireless Headphone System is one of Sennheiser’s quality wireless headphones that can be used with your television. It has a closed back headphone system with an excellent digital wireless audio transmission delivering range up to 100 meters. For easier customization, it has a Selectable Bass Boost and Virtual Surround Sound modes. Moreover, the Sennheiser RS175 RF headphone has a multi-purpose transmitter that supports both digital and analog inputs.

The transmitter will also function as an 'easy-charge' cradle and docking station for the headphones. It is also a multi-receiver transmission as this transmitter can support up to two pairs of headphones simultaneously. Moreover, each purchase entitles the user to a two year warranty. The Sennheiser RS 175 RF headphone is compatible with any device that has an optical digital output. However, it is quite bulky and heavy at around 3 pounds. In addition to this, there is an issue with the power switch since it requires a long time to press on it before it turns off or on.

• Digital wireless audio transmission delivering range up to 100

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