Persuasive Essay On Women In The Military

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Currently, there are 214,098 females serving the United States military on active duty. The females that serve in the military already has every right as the men do. The females have every right that a man would have if he was drafted, but the females would have the choice to be in that position. There are already females in the military, if the government drafted females they would be taking away the choice of those who do not want to be drafted, this would also cost the government a less tough military.
Many women are in the military. All of the women in the military are there because they want to be, as a result, all the women are able to pass all the requirements. When a female is in the military that means that she is there because she had the choice to join and wanted to. When a woman goes in the military she must go through the exact same test that the men did to get to their position. Each and every female haves the same positions and rank that a man could have if they earn their position and or ranks. All females have the choice to join the military, as well as get any position they work hard to get by passing the requirements needed. The woman in the military are there by choice if women start getting drafted the government will take away the choice that the woman had.
Surveys show the majority of women do not want to be drafted. The surveys that were taken shows less than 50% of women wanted to be drafted. According to a Rasmussen survey, only 38% of women said

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