Persuasive Essay On Women's Suffrage

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Women’s suffrage Have you ever thought about women 's rights and equality? It’s not as pretty or memorable as you think it is. But just like Shirley Chisholm said “at present, our country need’s womens idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.” Which is true but back then it certainly wasn’t. Let me take you way back to when women and men were not equal, and when men had more power over women. To begin with, one of the things men could do but not women was vote. Voting was a big issue in the 1960’s. In the 1960’s women were complaining, protesting, and disagreeing with what was going on. Men had more control, they had the right to vote. When women wanted to vote they made into a huge a problem. One of the biggest reasons were because of their sex, because they were lady’s, and just because they were women men thought they weren’t good enough or smart enough. As, well women didn’t think it was fair or equal to them so they started to take things into their hands. Women never gave up not for anything, they were ineed of voting and being more than people wanted them to be. There are many, many more things women did to change this law but, these are the main things they did. Another important thing women couldn 't do was work. Women wanted to work and pursue jobs just like men did, except women couldn 't work. Based of their sex and gender people thought women needed to be a stay at home, homemaker. They thought that they needed to
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