Persuasive Essay On Work Experience

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Finding a job can be very stressful at times, especially knowing that there are other people applying for that same position. To know if you are a potential fit for the job, receiving a phone call for an interview is the first step and an opportunity to make a good impression on the employer. You can also tell yourself that you do have the qualifications for the job. Getting a phone call is only the beginning, and there can be risks that can cost you the opportunity.
To prevent regrettable mistakes, you should first decide on what you would wear to the day of the interview. Dressing unprofessionally can be the fastest way to get removed as a candidate for the job. The way you should think about it, is that it 's better to be overdressed than under-dress, which means avoiding jeans, tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops and instead go for more of a formal look such as suit, shirts, and high heels. Dressing professional will give the employer a possible consideration.
The way you approach and dress are both very important for a job interview, but it is also very crucial that you have good references that can be given to the employer. References can be very helpful to the employer to get some sense of what work experience you have. Most work experiences are places that you worked at and people you worked for. Present or past supervisors are the most useful references that can be very beneficial for the employer to know how is your work. References don’t only have to be from
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