What You Plan To Do What Would You Do Essay

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If you plan to do something, do this exact task and nothing else before it. But assuming you don’t feel like doing this planned task, what should you do and what should you not do? (Sincerely it happens, when you don’t just feel like doing the thing you planned for, maybe because you encounter some challenge or for other reasons.) What should you do? - Just leave it and lay down on a couch. Don’t do anything else. Don’t choose the next task on your to-do list because you find it easier or more interesting. If you do something else, there will be an impression in your head that though you haven’t done what you planned to do, something else has been done anyway. You’ll get a false sense of satisfaction; feeling that it’s not so bad. You will feel that you didn’t…show more content…
Do just the next thing you plan for.
11. Utilize the time and the space you set for work to be more productive
First, determine the part of your day that you can truly focus on your tasks. Several pieces of research have conclusively proved that the best time that people mostly focus and when they are the most productive is between 9:00am. - 11:00am. Then utilize that time of the day as the time you’ll fix for the most important task. Realize this and work on it. There are works that are better done in the morning for some people. Others find the same task best for them in the evening, while the same task can be performed excellently by others in the afternoon.
You may need to start from the most difficult task since you’re more alert, highly productive, and full of energy at those early hours of the day. It could also be the task you don’t feel like doing because of the challenges involved in doing it. With your determination and revitalized zeal in the early part of the day, you may be able to do

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