Essay On Muscle Soreness

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If you have recently added a new workout routine to your busy schedule, muscle soreness can result. After all, you may be working muscles that have previously been used minimally, and you may be pushing them to move and flex in ways to which they are unaccustomed. As the old adage touts, there is no gain without pain. A little mild soreness that fades away in a day or so is one thing. However, if that pain sets in several hours after your workout session ends, you need to pay attention to what your muscles are telling you.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Whenever you challenge your muscles with new forms of exercise, or when you bump up the workout intensity to new levels of difficulty, soreness is a likely result. Soreness that doesn't pop
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When it becomes too easy, you won’t reap the gains that you have been striving for. At that point, you will need to increase the intensity of the exercise to maximize your fitness, which may strain your muscles beyond their current limit once again. If you’re a newbie to the gym and are experiencing your first bout of DOMS, you can rest assured that you’re in good company. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who continually push their workouts to increase endurance, strength and muscle mass can experience DOMS when they increase the intensities of their workouts. Anyone can be affected by DOMS, but not just any exercise causes it. Which Exercises Result in DOMS?
DOMS typically occurs as a result of any form of exercise that involves eccentric muscle action. This muscle action is defined as the lengthening of a muscle during a phase of an exercise. When executing bicep curls, for example, the lowering of the dumbbell requires eccentric muscle action. Not all exercises use eccentric muscle action. Some examples of popular workout activities that do use eccentric muscle action include:

Weight training
• Step aerobics
• Jogging
• Walking down
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