Persuasive Essay On World War 111

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I hereby protest fervently the fire tax subjected on property owners who are mostly low income, limited income, and government contingent. The landlord ruthless as his or her counterpart, the county and city have no regard and raise rent. The citizens are left with the garbage dumped not limited to the fire tax but sewer and potential refuse increase. And if the property owner looks at his or her tax bill, a hefty amount added by SBVMWD. What has the district done but feathered their own nest? The world in recession due to debt and inability to sell a product causes a wave in the stock market that consequently, with commodity, trade, and currency flows into World War 111. This country, and especially Southern California will be hit significantly.…show more content…
Take a look at the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, and Europe being the catalyst of a volatile and rigged financial market imposing World War 111. This time it is the financial markets and the debt which nations cannot pay. Lastly, I have a copy of a letter from Howard Jarvis, which points to the procedure of notifying the property owners. As of today, I have not received a notice from LAFCO 1398. This is a major issue since LAFCO 1398 failed to mail the notice to each property owner. How updated is the list and how accurate? The county of San Bernardino known to host a warlike environment shall subject our fire-department with an iron fist. The fire department must be very alert and astute. And if wise, join the protest and demand the city to alter its course. The people will see our fire truc.ks, and everything seems to flow perfectly. In truth, what appears to be perfect is not. President Obama claims economic prosperity. I apologize, but I observe corpses flooding Wall Street to Main Street. The reasons of which I protest the fire tax stretches from the local to state to nation and global. It is not smart to dump more taxes on those who are disposable and can least afford it. And with an unstable financial market and debt and rigged banks that own you, the outlook
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