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Xbox Live is a online service where you play, chat, and have fun. In order for you to connect online, of coarse, you need a Xbox console and a internet connection. Next, you need a gold subscribtion to get access to Xbox Live if you want to chat online such as party chat and in-game multiplayer chat. Subsequently, you need a headset which is imperative to convey with online peers (you can text message too even if you don 't have a gold subscribtion). So, in order for you to make friends on Xbox Live, you need to pick a game of your choice, start chatting or texting, and/or invite players to your game session. First, pick a game of your choice that your confident with and can help you that you think will help you to make…show more content…
Like, for example, they 're some people online who pretends to be nice but at the end, they end up being a jerk. If someone who is talking trash to you online, you can 't simply mute and block the player. My good advice to give you to make friends is that treating others the way you would want to be treated and find that you can trust. Third, inviting players to your game is also a great way to make to make friends. Inviting and play players during the session is a great way to develop a stable relationship with the player. To invite the desired player, go to the recent players from the menus, go to their gamercard, and select "invite to a game". Out of my experiance, it helps that you play along with a peer just to avert diffucult challenges ands match wins. Also, you 'll help the player to avoid struggles that he or she dealing independantly. In conclusion, picking a game of your choice to play online, chatting or texting, and/or invite players to your game session are the fundimentals to create friendships. It 's a great way to be social to connect people from around the world. Ask yourself this: Would you like to have friends to chat with

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