Persuasive Essay On Xenotransplantation

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Zoe Imagine being on a national organ transplant list and have been given a choice. Do you want a human organ or an animal organ? Yes, Xenotransplantation is a large medical breakthrough, but it come with a tremendous amount of risk involved. Animal organs are not meant to be in a humans body. Therefore, human organs should be used for people on the donation list instead of Xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation should not be tolerated because Organ Rejection, Ethics and Survival Rates. Before we get into why we should not use Xenotransplantation let’s learn about background information. What it Xenotransplantation? Our current national organ list has 121,012, only around 24,000 receive new organs (Xenotransplantation Biotech). Xenotransplantation is the transplanting of animal organs into humans. Because of the decreasing numbers of organs available Xenotransplantation is becoming a new “option.” Pigs are most often used because their …show more content…

The disease raises many scientific and ethical questions. When scientists are studying ethics of Xenotransplantation and consider new technology they overlook many basic questions. They also look over the broad question that raises risks and is difficult to evaluate and is very important to consider. The organ transmission also has many risks. Since transplant patients now have to use immunosuppressants, that raises a risk to the environment. Laura Purdy states that, “an immunosuppressed environment encourages bacteria and viruses to flourish, unchecked by the host's defense mechanisms.” With this being said immunosuppressants can spread many “infections” to surrounding areas. Xenotransplantation would be very nice if we would like to have a disease filled environment. These generalizations such as the community, risks, cultures, and zoonotics of Ethics are some of the many reasons why Xenotransplantation should not be

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