Persuasive Essay On Year Long School

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Year Long School School systems are full of students who dislike school because of anxiety and peer pressure. Some students that go to school dislike school so much that they want to drop out. If there were an alternative to the traditional school year, fewer students might drop out. By the end of the day, the students are brain dead. I know I am. Not only that, but they are expected to go home and do six classes worth of homework, which doesn’t give them a chance to catch a break from school. How are students supposed to relax and recharge for the next day if they don’t have time to take a break from school? People always say that a person's house is the one place that someone can go to relax, but that is not the situation for students. When students are in school, we…show more content…
In a United States poll, about 73% of students say that they “don’t like school.” That is a huge percent of students that don’t like school or don’t want to go to school. So the question is, how can we change this? What can we do as a community to put a stop to this, to help the students? The school systems needs to change the traditional calendar and embrace the new era of learning. School systems should be requisite to retain year long schooling. I know this sounds crazy, but there are more benefits in having a year long school. One benefit is to get more evenly placed breaks in the year; every year, millions of students struggle with the anxiety of going back to school. “Anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent childhood mental disorders (Ford, Goodman & Meltzer, 2003). There is often a great deal of stress on students because they have been away from school for the whole summer. More frequent miniscule breaks would help the students so they didn’t get as burned out. They are able to have breaks from school and recharge. Conservatively affecting around 10% of children and
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