Persuasive Essay On Year Round School

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Year Round School Many schools have switched to year round schooling. In fact, there are 3,181 schools in the Michigan. With that 10% of those schools are public schools. Also, many schools with year round school have had high test scores and better rates. In year round school kids are showing more success and more understanding. The fact that many schools with year round school are showing better scores and more improvement from the student. Schools have year round school. To began, Year round school have many different scheduling for the kids. With year round school kids getting longer time off on breaks. At this point in school, there is short time off on breaks. As it is very different than what schools do right now. For example, schools with year round school get much more time off.” For year round school 45 days equals 15 days off or 3 weeks off, 60 days equals out to be 20 days off .The with 90 days equals out to 30 days off from school with year round school ( Dennis). To add on, Schools require 175 days to 180 days of school for regular school. But with year round school kids would be going to school for the same amount of time but with their time spread out. Schools with year round school have nine week quarters just like school have. For example, some schools in Michigan have year round school. The kids are still going for 175 days, but the timing is different.” Kids that go to year round school have this kind of schedule, 30 days off for summer
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